Ukraine War. Day 7.

I live in Europe, but I was born in Ukraine and after a week of war I want to appeal to the citizens of the civilized world. My dear friends from around the globe are offering their help. I can hear great pain in their words and know that they understand how truly terrifying and gruesome the situation is. I can feel their righteous anger! I thank each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart.I also want to appeal to Europeans who I don’t know personally, but who may read this message. This is OUR war. It is not just a war that ravages Ukraine! It is a war of the civilized world against the aggressor! This war affects every citizen of Europe. The cries for help coming from Ukraine are getting louder and ever more fierce! We must be looking for any and all possible ways to stop this aggression! My name is Denis Severin and I’m doing everything I can for my people! And now I’m asking every citizen of Europe to do everything in their power to bring this savage conflict to an end!

Prof. Denis Severin

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